Posnet Ergo Online

The Posnet Ergo fiscal cash register is one of the most popular devices of this type available on the Polish market. Due to its attractive price, the equipment is a great alternative to more expensive cash registers and has been used primarily in smaller eateries. The device has a modular design that allows the user to choose between a wired or wireless connection to the Central Repository of Cash Registers (CRK).

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 Posnet Ergo Online
The Posnet Ergo fiscal cash register is one of the most popular devices of this

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Posnet Ergo Online - The sum of all advantages

Posnet Ergo Online cash registers combine the advantages of all Posnet cash registers. You do not believe? Get to know Posnet Ergo better and decide for yourself.

Check the advantages of Posnet Ergo Online

Check the advantages of Posnet Ergo Online

Posnet Ergo fiscal cash registers can operate both independently and constitute one of the elements of the cash register system. They allow you to connect other devices, such as a payment terminal, barcode scanner or scale, which will make the sale much easier and, most importantly, more effective. Synchronization of the cash register with the scale will enable its operation directly from the cash register keyboard. Ergo Online is made of high-quality materials, thanks to which it is able to withstand various types of falls, shocks, and splashes.

  • Resistant to damage and weather conditions
  • Possibility to connect additional devices
  • One of the most popular fiscal devices on the market
Great price-quality ratio

Great price-quality ratio

Posnet Ergo Online is a universal device that allows you to sell both inside and outside the premises. The Posnet Ergo cash register is equipped with a "throw in and print" printing mechanism, thanks to which the exchange of a roll of paper takes literally a few seconds. Our clients appreciate it primarily for the high quality and speed of receipt printing, as well as for the ease of use. Staying with its advantages, it is impossible not to mention the sensational price-quality ratio, thanks to which it is so eagerly chosen by owners and managers of premises.

  • An alternative to more expensive cash registers
  • Possibility of stationary and field work
  • Print mechanism "insert and print"
 Saves time, space and energy

Saves time, space and energy

At the Posnet Ergo Online cash register, you can freely adjust the capacity of the PLU base to the number of products you sell (up to 8,000 names of goods). The device has two graphic displays on the client's and cashier's side, thanks to which both sides receive full information about purchases. Posnet Ergo has a keyboard consisting of 29 keys, 9 of which we are able to program independently and voluntarily. In addition, the device is small and weighs only 0.6 kg.

  • Protected memory with the possibility of remote data archiving
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Buyer's tax identification number on the receipt

Technical data

Printer typeFiscal
Communication with CRKYes
Method of connection with CRKUSB, Wifi
Number of PLU rates4 000

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Not just for the small gastronomy

Not just for the small gastronomy

The Posnet Ergo Online fiscal cash register, due to its specificity and small, compact size, is rather intended for smaller types of eateries. However, it can also be used as an auxiliary device that will allow you to conduct sales outside the premises and thus enable even service of customers waiting in the queue, thanks to which the entire process will be significantly shortened, which will increase the satisfaction of our guests.

  • Intended mainly for small gastronomy
  • Mobile cash register
  • Elegant design

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Posnet Ergo Online
One of the most popular cash registers on the Polish market.
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