Posnet Mobile Hs Online

Posnet Mobile is the smallest cash register available on the Polish market. The device enables 2 types of sales. On site - aimed rather at small eateries and in the field. The equipment, thanks to its compact size, will fit both in a briefcase, a backpack and a laptop bag. The cash register has 2 ports - RS232 and USB mini, which enable cooperation with additional devices, such as a barcode scanner, modem or scale.

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 Posnet Mobile Hs Online
Posnet Mobile is the smallest cash register available on the Polish market

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Posnet Mobile - the smallest cash register on the market

If you are looking for a small and mobile cash register to sell on-site or in the field, Posnet Mobile cash registers will be the perfect solution for you.

Discover the advantages of <strong>Posnet Mobile HS Online</strong>

Discover the advantages of Posnet Mobile HS Online

The Posnet Mobile cash register, despite its small size, has extremely high power. It allows you to print up to 8,000 receipts without the need to connect to electricity. This is because the device has an efficient battery that allows it to work even without a constant power source. During using Posnet Mobile in the field, we can also charge it with a car charger. The equipment is equipped with a "throw in and print" printing mechanism, and we can additionally place any logo or name of our premises on the receipts.

  • The smallest and lightest cash register
  • Possibility to design graphics on receipts
  • Long-lasting battery
Reliability and elegant design

Reliability and elegant design

Posnet Mobile cash registers are undoubtedly devices that arouse attention and interest among many people. The equipment has a high value for money, so it can be a kind of alternative for owners of smaller premises who do not need a very advanced device to service guests. Additionally, Posnet Mobile has been equipped with the function of reminders that will keep you informed about the necessity to perform obligatory technical inspections or daily reports.

  • An alternative to more expensive cash registers
  • Reminder of mandatory technical inspection
  • Buyer's NIP printout on the receipt
Resistant to damage

Resistant to damage

Posnet Mobile Hs Online is a combination of all the most important features that a cash register should have in order to be able to efficiently serve customers. The device is made of high-quality materials and is resistant to shocks and falls. In addition, it has 2 large, easy to read displays, one on the customer's side and the other on the cashier's side, where the purchase amount is displayed.

  • Solid and durable housing
  • Customer and cashier side display
  • Multicurrency (prepared for eurofiscalization)

Technical data

Cash register typeFiscal
Communication with CRKNo
Method of connection with CRK-
Number of PLU rates4 000

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Run mobile sale

Run mobile sale

Posnet Mobile cash register, as the name suggests, is intended mainly for field work. Nevertheless, it can also be used as a stationary point of sale in places with less traffic or as a tool that will enable faster service to customers waiting in the queue, in clubs or pubs. Posnet Mobile is a device aimed mainly at owners and managers of premises who are looking for an alternative to more expensive cash registers.

  • Rather, intended for mobile sales
  • It will also be used in clubs and pubs
  • Elegant appearance of the device

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Posnet Mobile Hs Online
The smallest and one of the most popular cash registers on the Polish market.
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