Posnet Temo Online

The Posnet Temo printer is the smallest online fiscal device available on the Polish market. You can easily pack them into a backpack or bag and sell both stationary and in the field. The device has a durable battery that allows you to print 80,000 lines of the receipt without the need to connect an external power supply. If necessary, the equipment can be charged using a car charger or a computer using the USB socket.

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 Posnet Temo Online
The Posnet Temo printer is the smallest online fiscal device available on the P

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Posnet Temo Online - use it wherever you need it

Are you looking for a small-sized fiscal printer that you can take to work in the field? Check out Temo Online and learn about its specifics.

Discover the advantages of Posnet Temo Online

Discover the advantages of Posnet Temo Online

Temo Online is a device that will allow you to work both stationary and mobile. In the first case, we can use the USB port to connect to CRK. In the case of the latter option, it is enough to add a WiFi module to the equipment and use it to connect to CRK. Installation is quick and hassle-free and your employees can start selling in no time.

  • The smallest fiscal printer available on the market
  • Print mechanism "insert and print"
  • Buyer's tax identification number on the receipt
  • Efficient battery
Weather resistant

Weather resistant

The Posnet Temo Online fiscal printer has been designed in such a way that it can be used in various types of situations. The device has a solid, durable construction and is splash, dust and shock resistant. The equipment allows you to print all kinds of forms, thanks to which, when printing a receipt, you can also give the customer a discount coupon for use at the next visit. Additionally, you can put your company logo on the printouts or add a barcode.

  • Transaction Monitor
  • Removable and efficient battery (2150 mAh)
  • Dimensions: 86 x 46 x 128 mm
  • Weight: 0.315 kg

Technical data

Printer typeFiscal
Communication with CRKYes
Method of connection with CRKUSB, Wifi*
Number of PLU rates100 000

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On site and in the field

On site and in the field

Use the Posnet Temo Online fiscal printer according to your preferences. In stationary sales, the equipment is recommended rather for smaller eateries that do not require a large and advanced fiscal printer. It is therefore a great alternative to more expensive premium devices. Temo Online can also be used as an auxiliary tool that will allow you to handle guests waiting in long queues at the checkout or entrance, and thus allows you to significantly reduce queues and shorten customer service time.

  • Mobile fiscal device
  • Even fits in trouser pockets
  • An alternative to more expensive printers

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Posnet Temo Online
The smallest and lightest fiscal printer allowing for both stationary and field work.
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