Posnet Thermal HD Online

Thermal HD Online is a unique quality and an extremely modern solution on the Polish market of fiscal printers. The device is ideal for places with high traffic. The equipment has been designed with the highest quality materials, and additionally enriched with a ceramic paper cutter, thanks to which working on it, even during increased traffic in the premises, will not be the slightest problem.

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 Posnet Thermal HD Online
Thermal HD Online is a unique quality and an extremely modern solution on

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Posnet HD Online - printer tailored to your needs

Are you looking for a reliable fiscal printer that will work flawlessly even during heavy traffic in the premises? Meet Thermal HD Online and choose quality!

Check out the advantages of Thermala HD Online

Check out the advantages of Thermala HD Online

Posnet devices are one of the most valued devices both on the catering and hotel market. They are characterized by extremely high efficiency, and in addition, they are perfectly adapted to long work at intense revolutions, even during increased traffic. The Thermal HD Online model offers a wide selection of displays that will allow you to arrange your point of sale in any way. The Posnet Thermal HD printer is fully compatible with the GoPOS system.

  • Premium class device
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Buyer's tax identification number on the receipt
  • QR and 2D barcodes

Technical data

Printer typeFiscal
Communication with CRKYes
Method of connection with CRKEthernet, USB
Number of PLU rates250 000

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Safety above all

Safety above all

By deciding to buy Posnet HD Online, you will free yourself from the need to store large amounts of paper copies of receipts. All data from the printer are saved on a memory card, which can then be placed on any other medium, e.g. a USB flash drive. In addition, it has been enriched with a large paper container enriched with a ceramic cutter to facilitate work, as well as a sensor informing about the need to replace the ending roll of paper, thanks to which cashiers are able to react in advance.

  • Protected memory with the possibility of remote data archiving
  • COM ports tunneling
  • Additional description line for each item on the receipt
  • Printing VAT invoices (FV)
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Adapted to your needs

Adapted to your needs

If you run a business in a place that focuses on quick sales and you serve many customers during the day, the Posnet fiscal printer - Thermal HD Online will be the perfect solution for your local. It is intended mainly for medium and large restaurants, but it will also be used in places such as pizzeria or food truck. Do not hesitate and reach for Thermala HD Online today, which will provide your employees with the highest comfort of work and customer service.

  • Perfect for every medium and large eateries
  • It will be perfect even during increased traffic in the premises
  • Elegant and timeless design

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Posnet Thermal HD Online
Efficient fiscal printer of premium class.
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